Engineered Solutions for Low-Rise Structures in Aldershot

Underground parking garages are notorious for having structural issues due to: reinforcement corrosion, joint leaking, concrete deterioration, scaling, carbonation, spalling, cracking, leaching issues..

Townhouse Deck Waterproofing Preparing precast deck for waterproofing Waterproofing deck finished, installing privacy fences close up of waterpoof deck ready for privacy fence
Townhouse deck waterproofing
Preparing precast deck for waterproofing
Waterproofing deck finished
Deck ready for privacy fence

That's why Cochren Foundation offers the following structure rehabilitation services in Aldershot:

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Photo of Waterproofing Deck

Underground parking garages foundation and structural support is very easily damaged by the trapped car emissions, salt and water downpour from above. If not treated on time and accordingly, the damaged can have serious consequences to the entire structure and often result in forced demolition, costing a lot of money and creating huge inconveniences.

That's why Cochren Foundation offers custom engineered structural repairs, restoration and strengthening solutions to concrete structures in Aldershot. Concrete damage, deterioration and water ponding on the intermediate slab are two of the most common issues - both of which Cochren is well too familiar with.

Photo of Underground Concrete Parking Garage Column Deterioration Repairs

Call Toll Free: 1-888-610-4959 or submit a Contact Form today to talk about your Aldershot underground concrete parking garage structure issues and to see how we can help before it's too late.

Cochren Foundation is a complete structural restoration and foundation repair contractor providing structural engineering services to clients in Aldershot area.

We offer multi-residential engineered structural/foundation solutions services for: Townhome complexes, Condominium complexes, Multi-unit Residential buildings, Parking garages (above or below ground).

With over 30+ years of civil engineering and construction experience in Aldershot, our staff works efficiently to deliver you the long-lasting and cost-effective Structure repair and strengthening solutions.

Photo of Underground Parking Garage Concrete Structure Repair and Strengthening

Types of Structures we Repair:

  • Residential Foundations
  • Multifamily Residential Complexes (Townhomes, Condominiums)
  • Underground Parking Garages

Photo of Underground Parking Garage Reinforcement Corrosion

We Also Provide Newly Engineered and Proven Structural Repair & Rehabilitation Technologies:


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