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   — Cochren Foundation and Repair has proven cost effective engineered solutions for foundation wall problems, wet basements, house settlement.

   — Cochren Foundation and Repair provides foundation structural repair service throughout Southern Ontario with proven, long-lasting, cost-effective solutions.

Bowed Walls

Century Old Homes
   — Century Old Homes

Foundation Wall Replacement

Home Improvement

House Settlement

Timber Lagging and Retaining Walls

Underground Parking
   — Underground Parking

Waterproofing & Drainage

In House Engineering
   — Our 40+ years of construction experience ensures safe effective engineered solutions to your foundation wall and structural problems.

New Technology
   — Learn more about Instant Foundation and Smart Deck - new building technologies that save you Time and Money. No excavation or backfilling. Constructed in 1 Day!

About Cochren Foundation
   — Learn more about Cochren Foundation and Repair, Canada's leading engineering construction company, and our offered foundation repair services in Southern Ontario.

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   — Our service area is generally Southern Ontario. Please note that not all of our services are offered in all areas. Please contact us to inquire if we can provide a particular service in your area.

   — Read our reviews, as proof of our dedication, commitment, and confidence in delivering custom engineered solutions to foundation repair, basement waterproofing issues.

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   — Cochren Foundation and Repair now offers a financing option , so you can pay for your home foundation repair, basement waterproofing projects.

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