Cochren Foundations views foundation wall problems, regardless of their level of difficulty, as an opportunity to provide long-lasting, cost-effective solutions. As both foundation repair contractors and engineers, Cochren Foundation Repair Company consistently provides the right solution to virtually any structural foundation problem.

Knowledgeable, dependable and experienced in a full range of commercial, residential, institutional and civil projects, Cochren takes pride in a proven track record of high quality completions. You can trust Cochren Foundation Repair Company to provide the right solution.

Water and Drainage

Water and Drainage iconWater & Drainage

All structural problems are caused by water. Get rid of the water, get rid of the problem.

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House Settlement

House Settlement iconHouse Settlement

Typical a housewill settle up to ¾” without being notice or resulting damage to the structure. Houses built on sand with settle instantly and never move.

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Bowed Walls

Bowed Walls iconBowed Walls

There are seven proven methods in which to stabilize the wall preventing any movement in the future.

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Home Improvement

Home Improvement iconHome Improvement

We provide, design & build solutions for walk out basements and elevated concrete decks.

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Underground Parking

Underground Parking iconUnderground Parking

Solution for underground parking structures for low rise town houses and condominiums.

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New Technology

New Technology iconNew Technology

Foundations for home additions in just 1 or 2 days without digging!

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Foundation Wall Replacement

Foundation Wall Replacement iconFoundation Wall Replacement

When a foundation wall is badly displaced or does not have the structural capacity as defined by the building code, it has to be replaced.

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Timber Lagging

Timber Lagging iconTimber Lagging

Timber lagging provides and quick and economical solutions for temporary shoring or permanent retaining walls.

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Cochren Foundation and Repair Company is proudly affiliated with the following professional organizations in Ontario and Canada, dealing with quality assuring in construction and engineering projects.

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