Typically, ahouse will settle up to ¾” without being notice or resulting damage to the structure.

Alternatively, homes built on expansive clay soils with continue to move as the moisture fluctuates below the footings

A high percentage of house settlement occurs in clay soils. The settlement is usually restricted to one corner of the house. The affected area of settlement is marked by two settlement cracks in the foundation wall.

Brick crack in home with foundation settling
Signs of house settlement issues - brick crack
Crack in brick veneer
Signs of house settlement issues - cracked brick veneer

The windows and doors between the two cracks are often difficult to open and close. Floors are uneven. Under these conditions these house will continue to move up and down as the moisture content continue to fluctuate.

Left unattended to the problem will continue to escalate as water will enter through cracks in the building envelope creating water and mold damage.

Today we have the technology to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Using a steel pile system to not only stabilize the home but in most cases lift he home back up to its original level.

To date Cochren Foundation & Repair have successfully lifted over 700 homes and have raised some houses as much as 6” back to the original level. Piering system provides a very economic permanent solution to homes with settlement issues.

Typical pier bracket under footing
Typical pier bracket under footing
Hydraulic lifting pumps for foundation
Hydraulic lifting pumps for foundation

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